Version GXwiki 2.0

This is a brand new version of GXwiki generated with GeneXus X.

The KB can be downloaded here. It's a good sample of GX X new features like Data Providers, Data Selectors, User Controls, etc.

New features:

  • Brand new look and feel.
    • new tabs
    • page title more relevant
    • new action toolbar (edit, new, publish, etc)
    • new category toolbar (a category can be added to the page without editing it)
    • new Tree tab in categories (shows all of it's subcategories and pages).
  • Double click to edit a page (depening on Wiki Access Policy you must be logged or not to perform this action)
  • Publish: a more practical approach to export pages from one wiki to another (at this moment only others gxwikis are supported).
  • Pages can be easily categorized using the text box and add button as shown in the following image:
    Categorizing a page
  • Clicking on “tree tab”, you can see the current category, subcategories and pages as a treeview as shown in the following image:
    Category as tree
  • Improvements in Search box: pressing Enter in the search box goes directly to the search page.
  • Editing shortcuts are available (i.e. Ctrl+B to "bold" a word)

RC 3

  • Minor modifications to use gxwiki with Integrated Authentication.
  • The index process added a procedure (ParseHTML) to remove HTML code before indexing a page, using several regular expressions.
  • Improvements in the gxwiki plugin of the FCKeditor. Three new options were added
    • SpecialChar: to add special characters
    • FitWindow: to use  fullscreen mode when editing a page.
    • ShowBlocks: to diplay html tags while editing.
  • Autodiscover feature for RSS (present in Recents Pages, any Category Page and User Page).
  • Use of Google timeline gadget to display view information.

RC 4

  • WikiAPI updated to be able to synchronize the KB's Wiki with an external one.


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